Your Wedding Day
is your very special day



After all is done, your photos are all that remain of the day you worked so long to plan...

What if your photographer  could capture a very special moment.  A moment so special that every time you look at the photograph you get emotional?

What if your photographer  could give you an album that you can't wait to share with everyone.  An album so very special that it helps keep you and your spouse emotionally bound together?

What if your photographer could give you photographs that you know were posed but doesn't look posed?



Beautiful wedding photography takes planning. You and your photographer must spend a good deal of time planning. When you meet with your photographer, you should go knowing what you want and be prepared to discuss: how, when, etc. A bride needs and deserves understanding and at times direction.  Everything that you want should be discussed in detail with your photographer to avoid any confusion on your most important day.  Inform your photographer if there will be any special surprises.  What if your photographer could give you both quality images and quantity images?

If you desire quality images, know that is what you will receive.  If you desire a quantity of images, you can have what you want.

In planning your wedding, selecting the right photographer is one of the most important decisions you make. While the quality and creativity of the final images you receive are supreme to your enjoyment, the personality of your photographer plays a big roll in how enjoyable and relaxed your wedding day will be.


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