You can have your photo applied to any sport ball.  These balls are normally a smaller size ball than the actual playing ball.  Regular size balls can be used, if preferred, for an additional price.  To order these, you will need to come into  Finley's Studio or call 706-278-4527 to select your ball and pay (cash, check or credit card) in advance.

Photo on Baseball or Softball or Hockey Puck .$19.95.....+ 7% tax = $21.35

Photo on Mini Basketball, Football, or Soccer ball ..$24.95.... + 7% tax = $26.70

Acrylic Baseball or Softball Displays ..........$5.95...... + 7% tax = $6.37

Name can be applied, if wanted, for $2.95 per ball.


Delivery takes about 3 weeks.
Year is normally applied. 


Packages offered


Photo Plate




Composite Poster Prints


Magazine Cover







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