Your group photograph will have each name included on the photo.  This will require additional time and help from the reunion organizers to be sure each person is identified and name is spelled correctly.  By doing this, immediate delivery will not be possible.  Soon after the reunion, you or members of the reunion committee need to help this happen.  The group photo will be offered as a 10" X 8 for $15.00, a 13" X 10 for $18.00, and a 14 X 11 for $20.00. Each price includes sales tax and shipping.

             Couples will be photographed and will be included in an album with 100 4X6 photos, which sells for $100.00.  You insert the photos in your album in the order you prefer.  If 10 or more albums are purchased, a substantial 50% discount will apply to the album.  Each album with 100 4X6 photos will then be $50.00 including sales tax and $5.00 shipping will be added.  This price represents a 50% discount and will only be available at the $50.00 price when 10 or more people order the complete album.

             You can also purchase a DVD Slide show for viewing them on either TV or computer monitor for $40.00.

             For those purchasing any group photo and album together, we will pay the shipping.  For advance purchasers of the album and 14 X 11 group photo they will also receive the $40.00 DVD Slide show for free.  Payments accepted include cash, check, or credit/debit card via the internet using http://www.paypal to E-mail address,  To be considered an advance purchaser, payment must be made no later than midnight 24 hours following the reunion.  Orders placed a week after the reunion will receive no discounts of any kind.

Order the Album and 14 X 11 Group and get the DVD Slide Show of all images for FREE

Copyright 2002 - 2010  Eugene C. Finley                                                                                                                                  

Copyright 2002 - 2010  Eugene C. Finley