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Photo Blankets :: Black and White Photo Blankets with Border - Small 30" X 40" $109.95

These beautiful Photo Blankets are knitted from soft, thick Amilux yarn. Amilux yarn is a synthetic yarn that is nearly as soft as cotton but does not shrink or 'ball-up' like cotton does.

Your Photo Blanket can be used everyday or hung as a keepsake. The image, created from your photograph, is knitted into the blanket, not printed or heat transferred. It's a unique and breath-taking photo blanket that will be cherished.

We use yarn of black, white, dark gray and light gray to create the images and text on your blanket.
Select from over 30 different border text.

Measures 30" x 40".    Production time is about 2 weeks. Longer during the holidays.

Below are the available words for the border surrounding the photo.

S100 - I Love You S110 - We Love You    
S101 - I Love Mommy S111 - We Love Our Mommy S121 - Our Family S131 - Daddy's Fishing Buddy
S102 - I Love Daddy S112 - We Love Our Daddy S122 - Happy Anniversary S132 - Daddy's Hunting Buddy
S103 - I Love Mommy & Daddy S113 - We Love Our Mommy & Daddy   S133 - Happy Mother's Day
S104 - I Love Grandma S114 - We Love Our Grandma S124 - Solid Black Border S134 - Happy Father's Day
S105 - I love Grandpa S115 - We Love Our Grandpa S125 - Happy Holidays S135 - Class of 2006
S106 - I Love Grandma & Grandpa S116 - We Love Our Grandma & Grandpa S126 - Merry Christmas S136 - Black Oval
S107 - I Love My Aunt S117 - We Love Our Aunt S127 - Happy Valentine's Day S137 - I Love Mom and Dad
S108 - I Love My Uncle S118 - We Love Our Uncle S128 - Hearts Border S138 - We Love Mom and Dad
S109 - I Love My Aunt & Uncle S119 - We Love Our Aunt & Uncle S129 - Dog Bones S139 - Happy Birthday


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