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Our fees are for an engagement within a 1 hour drive from Dalton, Georgia.  Fees will vary with longer travel distances.  50% deposit is due when booked, and balance due upon receipt, or you can pay in full when you book us.  We need advance notice of at least a week for this service.  You may call us anytime, between the hours of 7:30 AM till 11: 30 PM at 706-264-6497, to book our services, or you can email us. 


Individual Portfolio $250


Shared Portfolio $150
(per athlete)


Game day Coverage: $270.00 minimum per team*

$30.00 Per Athlete

Our custom individual portfolio is an action image capture of just one athlete during an entire game.  We only work for ONE client at a time - YOU! 
Portfolios average around 40-50 images. This is our best service for varsity athletes, players who are on the field or court for a complete game such as two way football starters.  All images are cropped, enhanced, color corrected, and are ready to print or email.
The portfolio consists of a CD containing all the good high resolution images from the engagement, 2 custom 8 X 10 inch photos which you choose, a complimentary set of 8 wallets photos, a custom CD cover and, of course, the centerpiece of our product, the multimedia CD slide show that plays in any personal computer, no software needed.

 We will photograph two athletes in one game. The package for each athlete is identical to the individual portfolio with the exception of the number of images. Because we are photographing two athletes, portfolios are slightly smaller, averaging between 20-30 images per athlete. Shared portfolios must be carefully coordinated. For example, in football a shared portfolio engagement must be of one offensive and one defensive player. We cannot take on more than two athletes in one game.

Our game day service is a great and economical way to get us to photograph players without having to commission a complete portfolio. It is best for younger athletes such as Little League Baseball and Soccer.  With our game day service, we photograph the entire game and make sure we get photos of all the kids on your team. We then produce a multimedia slide show from the game. Each player on your team receives a copy of the slide show CD and prints can be ordered “a la carte” from us. On a ten person team, the cost is just $30.00 per athlete for the shoot and the CD. Game day service is limited to teams consisting of 14 or fewer athletes!  We need your team roster and we need to know who are the left handed hitters.  It is helpful if we know which player is a base stealer or a slider.

*A game day engagement is $30.00 per athlete on the team with a minimum of $270.00.



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