Would you like to own professionally made photos of your child playing ball and have the ability to print them yourself?

Buy a GAME CD of all ball game images.  You get full resolution images taken at your favorite game (if all images will not fit on one CD you will get 2 CDís).  You can print your own prints from this CD.  Here is how it works.  The cost for all of the images is $300.00.  When each team member orders the GAME CD, individual cost can be as low as $20.00.  The cost will also be discounted*10% additional if you are an existing customer.  If your team consists of 15 players and all 15 players purchase the GAME CD for $300.00 then you will get 15 CDís and each payerís cost will be $20.00.  If a player or parent is an existing customer, their cost will be $18.00 with the discount* applied.  Only one team will be photographed, which will include both offense and defense plays.

 With the number of photos of over 200 (average baseball is over 300) taken at each game, this is a great way to own every image of your favorite game so that you can print them to whatever size and quantity you desire.

            One parent will be responsible for the distribution of each GAME CD.  Full payment is required before photographer will be at your game.

            If your favorite game has already been photographed, you can still purchase the GAME CD.  It will include both team players so it will contain more images.   When you pay, be sure to indicate the date, Team name, event number, and quantity of CD's you need to deliver in the comments section.

            When you pay, be sure to indicate the date, time, and Team name in the comments section.  You should call 706-278-4527 to check photographer's schedule before payment is made.  This will be on a first come first serve basis.  Come by Finley's Studio to pay with cash.

            We will either call you by phone or send you an email upon completion of your order.  If you prefer, we will mail all of the CD's to your address at no additional charge.  Drop shipping will incur additional shipping charges.

            Click on the Buy Now button to pay $300.00 or call 706-278-4527 to make a payment using your credit card.

Appropriate Sales Taxes will be added


*Appropriate Discount(s) will be given when CDs are delivered.

Copyright © 2002 - 2010  Eugene C. Finley                                                                                                                                  

Copyright © 2002 - 2010  Eugene C. Finley