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Finley's Studio is located in Dalton, Georgia and specializes in action sports, portrait, wedding, and aerial photography.  Finley's is also known  for the copy and restoration work that clients, their children and grandchildren have enjoyed for decades.  Finley's can also make prints from older negatives and prints that others are unable to handle.  Click here to send Eugene an email.

To view and purchase sports actions photos click here, select from links on the left, or click on any photo.

If you would like an event photographed, please  email or call 706-264-4697 giving the location, date, and time.  If we do not have anything already scheduled, we may show up to photograph your event.  This is not a guarantee that we will be able to photograph your event.  If you really want us, we can guarantee that we will be sure to photograph your event. 

Action photos are usually taken without any flash allowing for the least impact or distraction of each player, eliminating any possibility of "red eye" and harsh distracting shadows.  With over 30 years of photographic experience (both behind the camera and in the darkroom) and the current crop of photographic equipment, we are able to deliver similar images found in magazines like Sports Illustrated�, of you or your children playing ball.  We are able to capture moments and expressions only found in split seconds.  When the moment has is lost forever.  You will be proud to show off images captured of your child for years to come.

With over 300,000 action images taken since 2002, of local youth playing ball to choose from, older events have been removed (archived) from the website to save space.  The only place to view these images is on the web site.  There are no printed images until we receive an order from you.  If the game you are interested in viewing has been archived, you can email or call us with the date, game, and/or 5 digit game #  for us to re-publish the photos for an additional week.  Check out our archived games to see if we could have taken some photographs of your favorite player.

Call early while times and dates are still available for us to take your team and individual photos.

Please respect all copyright laws while on this site.  It is a violation of copyright laws to copy or save the images on this site without written permission.   

You can also purchase:

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