These are previously photographed events that have been removed from the internet.  To view and purchase photographs from any of these games, click on game number to send an e-mail.

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Game Number

# Photos
07-Jun-07 Valley Point Lady Jackets vs. Pleasant Grove Xtreme   Mite 9 Girls Softball Dug Gap 2 Dalton GA


11-Jun-07 Pleasant Grove Lightning vs. Dawnville Wildcats Mite 10 Girls Softball Pleasant Grove Field 2 Dalton GA 11743 399
11-Jun-07 New Hope Lady Grizzlies vs. Antioch Lady Raiders Mite 10 Girls Softball Edwards Park Field 8 Dalton GA 11744 372
15-Jun-06 Eastside Red Wings vs. Dawnville Pirates Mite 10 Boys Baseball Eastbrook Field 1 Dalton GA 11746 494
15-Jun-06 Antioch Dawgs vs. Dug Gap Red Rangers Mite 10 Boys Baseball Eastbrook Field 2 Dalton GA 11747 176






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Copyright 2002 - 2010  Eugene C. Finley