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We work  to help you project a natural smile for your portraits.   A false or "put on" smile hides something of the subject's character.  The viewer of the portrait will not understand why but will have a feeling of  uneasiness while viewing the portrait.

A real smile conveys a portion of the subject's personality.

We have been taught that your expression is the most important part of your portrait.

We will put you at ease during your portrait session.  We have been on both sides of the camera and know how you feel while being photographed.  A genuine smile is noticed more in the subject's eyes than in seeing how many teeth are showing.

We are happy to come to your favorite location to photograph you or your family.  We will bring our portrait lighting system if you need your session inside your house.


Children and babies give the most natural smiles when playing.  Many times our sessions involve interactivity with children.  The youngest of babies are unable to play so we create noise and movements to get the perfect expression.

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